• I've just finished building up my A3 ElksLaser 2500mw.
    I've able to mark wood fine (some mdf and an off cut of oak), but even at a feed rate of 200 I cannot mark or cut paper. I can burn a dot if I turn the laser on and don't move it but cannot burn lines.
    Any thoughts?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Paper is reflective, you may need to use 2 passes to cut it cleanly without burning. The first pass removes the gloss and slightly darkens it so the 2nd pass cuts it nicely. I'm not sure if EleksCAM has multipass features built in but I guess you can send it twice.

  • Thanks @Zax I'm using your excellent T2laser as i found it so much better than EleksCAM.
    I'm guessing there is a multi-pass option somewhere in there I've not found yet.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Yes, first item in the setting menu. Set how many repeats you need, there's also the option for a cool down between runs but you can leave that off.

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