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    If you move your machine head for indicating start point, you always must press in Control tab Set Home button after that.

  • @MuuSer if choose single text, Why do not I see the font that I choose? I buy this maschine for handwriting function, and this not work?? Whaaaaaa Why use 3 other program, convert file etc for a easy handwriting font....? If i nkow this i not buy eleksdraw....

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    Unfortunately there is no ideal things in the world. You are not only one that ask those questions. I can't answer either because this software developing did not depends from me. My advice for you is that maybe it is quicker way to get results about handwriting to talk with @Zax for implementing that feature to his T2 Laser program. But be warned - this feature is not so easy to establish, but by other side would be additional good selling argument for his already nicely functioning software...

    I'm also disappointed about EleksMaker behaviour - or if be honest - non behaviour about complement their product. They act like there is no tomorrow. Maybe I'm rude and maybe they work hard, but I doubt about it...

    Just my motto is that there is no way that there is no way. In some way or other, things can be done. :) At least for me. Complaining did not help much.

  • @MuuSer Let's hope the software will evolve.
    I know sometimes the simplest things you think are complicated...
    Thank you very much for your help and answers!

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    I was very surprised when they released an update, so you may eventually get the working software you expect.

    I'm not sure what you require for handwriting font, do you mean a single line engraving? T2Laser already does this with single line fonts but you would need to create a custom one for your own handwriting.

    I also have a method to convert raster-to-vector without double lines, but it isn't a true center line feature and may not be what you expect either.

  • ok, next problem :D
    Here is a svg file, this is a TSP one line mona lisa file, when i load in elekscam the picture is upside down and mirrored (????!!!) But i load in inkscape the picture is normal.... after that the picture is: 84x96mm, but in the elekscam is bigger than the UI, and does not fit into the surface to be drawn...0_1495371006955_mona-lisa-6910.svg

  • @Dániel-Váradi Sorry, svg file: link text

  • @Dániel-Váradi
    here is a ribbon, as you see is 141x58mm, but in elekscam...
    1_1495372771693_Névtelen1.jpg 0_1495372771693_Névtelen.jpg

  • @Dániel-Váradi So you know nothing else? Or is it just unclear to me? How can i get the svg file size?

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    As I see - you use SVG files directly intended use with EggBot™. First thing - they a in pixel measures, not in millimeters. But that knowledge is also useless as EleksCAM did not render some SVG files correctly.

    What I do. I use EleksMaker extension in InkScape and get from InkScape direct G-Code with help of that extension.

    Yes - it's pain in the ass, but at least it works.

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