Alternative to Benbox and Elekscam

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    Benbox is not updated, I believe the program has effectively been abandoned.

    Elekscam is good.

    T2laser is a paid alternative. It is an excellent program. @nottingham82 has some great vidoes on using T2laser

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    Utilisez ce programme (T2laser). Il est préférable. Il n'a pas de problème

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    @depecher said in Problem to import gcode into EleksCam:

    oo. thank you again. What soft do you recommended for work? I've tried benbox, grbl controller but my graver works only with Elekscam. But in Elekscam I can download only bmp and jpg files, svg from inskape doesnt work.

    @depecher this program. or picssender

  • @mrmister
    There are no other ones?
    Elecscam is a real disaster and T2laser is great but the limitation to one set of hardware is a quite shitty licensing model. You need a computer that you are sure of you will not change. Never seen this licensing model before. A limit for one machine at a time would be more fair.

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    @Martian A lot of software is moving to an annual license, so you have to pay every year. Other software requires you to pay again for updates. T2Laser offers free updates for the life of the license, but yes if you but the single PC license it is for the life of the computer and then when you buy the replacement license (50% off) it helps me continue development.

    I offer other license options, including a USB-Key "dongle" so you can move the software around as you like or install on multiple PC's.

  • @Zax I'm fine with paying for bigger steps in development. Then you don't have to worry about upgrading or change computers. I want to be available to change computer freely and if i want/need the new features i can buy the update.
    A subscription for such a specific program that most people only use occasionally is bad as well. Adobe did this and people didn't like it that much. Its fine for companies that use the software every day and make money from it.

    A dongle would work. But whats the cost of the keys and shipment?
    A good discount on a replacement license is at least a little better.

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    @Martian I sell the dongle license for $79.95 and you purchase the hardware locally for ~$20 or from ebay as low as $5.

    Most people opt for the single PC license, in which case a replacement license is $19.97 (50% off).

    As an alternate free option, Laserweb is popular.

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