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  • hi i have read that the1.6 watt laser cannot be used for more than 30 mins otherwise damage will occur but i want to laser a picture on to some wood which will take 150 mins is there a way i can stop the laser say every 20 mins let it cool down then start where i left off and if so then how can i do that ,i am using t2 laser software
    many thanks

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    If you are raster engraving the laser isn't on full power (it is pulsed) so it should not be an issue. T2Laser has a cool down feature between passes for vector cutting jobs as it is common to use full power continuously.

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    @oakmeadows64 you can press the envelope button to pause. Then press it again to restart. I have run multi hour projects and never had a problem. If you are doing a vector multipass project there is an option to do a cool down after each pass as well.

  • @nottingham82 many thanks thats good to know

  • @Zax just another daft question if you please just say i had an image that was going to take 60 mins to engrave and just say im not supposed to run the laser more than 30 mins so if i do it in 2 passes so i can use the cool down funtion that means the laser is still running for 60 mins so can i use the cool down function before it does it first full pass that takes 60 mins
    many thanks for your patience

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    Multi-pass is only for vector, it will turn the laser off and wait (dwell) for the time you select before continuing. This is due to vector cutting using full power and also it prevent the material getting too hot and causing a fire, the delay allows everything to cool down.

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