Eleksmaker mini mill + laser module (does not come with laser wire)

  • I bought the mini mill model that come extra with the 500mw laser. However, after competing the essemble, I realize that it lacks of the wire to connect the laser module.
    There is a port on the board that state laser, but no extra wire for it.
    Only the wire to connect to the spindle is available.
    Anyone has this issue, any suggestion please, I try using the same wire for spindle but did not seem like a good idea.


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    Hi, they just use the same cable..

  • Hi John, I notice the connection to the aboard is different. One to the motor has to pin while one to the laser has 3 pin.
    Try forcing the 2 pin to the 3 pin laser but no luck.
    Could you possibly take a photo of yours for reference please

  • Same problem here. BangGood claims the laser cable is not missing, you're supposed to use the spindle cable. But it would be physically impossible to insert the 2 pin spindle cable plug into the 3 pin laser socket. Literally physically impossible. Not even close!

    I intend to go back to BangGood and ask them how they think it can be done. (Not to mention asking them to at least provide the correct link to this form!) In the mean time, if somebody comes up with a way to connect the laser, I'd love to hear about it.

  • BangGood responded. According to them, there is an error in the assembly instructions for the Eleksmill. The last image that shows the control board and identifies where the various motors are connected should not show the spindle motor and laser as connecting to different sockets. Both the laser and spindle should be shown connecting to the same 2 pin socket.

    Not that I doubt them, but it would be nice if someone who has actually run the laser could confirm this.

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    can you post a picture of your laser? You can run some lasers with the 2 pin. It uses pulse width modulation to control power. If it has a 3 pin setup, that is usually a ttl drive laser which has better power control. If it has both, it is best to run it off of the 3 pin. This is not specific to what you have because I wont know what you have till you post a link or the photos of the actual parts. Hope that helps a bit.

  • Haven't figured out how to get a picture on here yet. But you can see the laser I have in the second video on the BangGood Eleksmill page. It's a ribbed, blue cyrinder, 35 mm diameter, 65 mm long, laser port on one end and power connector the other end. The connector appears to be the same as the the power connector on the spindle motor. I've never seen that type connector with more than 2 conductors, so I expect it does use the 2 pin "serial" port on the controller.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Thanks. I have an appointment with the eye doctor next week! Saw the others but completely missed the icon on the end.

    Now that I have my new glasses, here's the picture of the laser. The power connector is on top.


  • @Willie Figured out how to turn it on / off now with below command.

    Firstly, it's actually using the same port and wire with the spindle. Just simply swap and connect the laser and type following commend on G Code Sender:

    • M03 S500 is to turn on (i.e the 500 indicate the power of the laser thus you can change it)
    • M05 S0 is to turn off

    Try it and you will see the magic :)

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    M05 is OFF, it doesn't use the S (spindle speed) value. You could send M03 S0 which turns it off but doesn't disable it, similar effect. It's also recommended to disable laser mode when using a spindle, not sure if the firmware you are using does this or not, probably with some special code.

  • Thanks! The two of you took the question right out of my mind. Fortunately, I have many more! :grin:

    I now know how to set up the laser on the machine and know that it functions.

    I've done enough carving to know everything works. Next step is to try using the laser. I've been using Easel from Inventables to generate the g-code. How do I generate g-code that turns the laser on and off rather than moving it up and down? Is there something in Easel that switches from carving to burning? Or do I need something other than Easel to generate the g-code?

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