candle and elekmill configuration

  • How to connect eleakmill to candles ?
    I selected com 3, but if I try to use the arrows it does not move...
    (Com 3, same port that I used with the laser that after just two days just the time to make some engraving and broke: ( )
    Now hoping that it will not break even the motor, I would try to use candles with artcam

  • EleksMaker Customer Service

    Please set the baud rate to 115200

  • Ok now candles recognize cnc,
    I did a simple artcam project to engrave a logo,
    I saved the tool path in artcam G code (mm * .Tap)
    I open the file so created with candles
    I position the drill bit on the surface of the workpiece and push XY 0 and Z 0
    After clicking send

    The cnc run, but it drops from what set with xy 0 and 0z.
    What's wrong
    These are the project files and paths
    .[1_1495646188655_PROVA CHAKRA PERC.tap](Uploading 100%) ![0_1495646188654_chakra](Uploading 100%)

  • Succede anche a me Carlo succede questo e non so il perche' di tutto cio'. Tu hai il firmware 1.1e? oppure 0.9j credo che candela abbia dei problemi con il nuovo firmware 1.1e.

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