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  • Hello,
    I'm looking for replacement carriage wheels for the A5. The original wheels have terrible bearings and flat spots on the white wheels. Does any one know where I can find better replacements?

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    Hi Phil,
    I replied you on Aliexpress... if you want to replace the wheel on new version, you also need to change frame, boards and screws, actually you can tighten the screw and belt to improve accuracy.

  • @kunaphil
    For the x axis, take the module (acrylic, wheels, laser, motor) off of the gantry. Leave the whole thing together but the bolts loose.
    Tie wrap the top wheel axle to the bottom axle. Do this for both sides. I tie wrapped to the spacers
    Tighten the bolts while pushing the wheels to the "inside"
    Slide the module back on to the gantry.

    Give that a try. it worked for me.

  • @kunaphil I have come across replacement wheels in my searches about a week ago. I'm sorry to say I can not find them again for you caus I wasn't looking at the time. Do you have a micrometer to measure the width and the diameter of the parts? I will try to provide a link if I come across the parts again.

  • I too had a bad wheel with my new A# 2.5Watt laser. I think the long term solution is to make aluminum or steel wheels to run on new high quality bearings.

  • @kunaphil Looks like i'm in the same boat - the wheels have developed flat spots - any luck getting replacements?

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    steel wheels will wear out your aluminum frames rails. I would stick to a softer material.

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