No X movement on A3 5500mw laser engraver

  • Hello,
    I have an A3 5500mw laser engraver from GearBest and I don' t have x movement. Running with Benbox . I have already done some engravings but while I was trying today to arrange the engraving array the x motor stopped moving.
    Please help.

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    well it could be a couple things. First switch the wire from the x with the wire from the y. This will tell you if there is a break in the wire. Then if that still does nothing plug the y stepper driver into the x motor. This will tell you if the controller is malfunctioning. If the motor jogs using the y control then your motor is fine and move on to the stepper driver (the red controller on the board). First check the voltage of the controller. I'll post a photo. If it is low turn the philips screw (pot) to the right 1/8 of a turn until you have proper voltage. If you are getting no voltage even after turning it up, you need a new stepper driver.

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    Zax says to try 0.3 VDC (X) and 0.6 VDC (2Y) for the motor drivers. Also turn everything off and make sure the gantry moves freely.

    alt text

  • Hello and thank you for your suggestions.
    Fortunately the solution was very simple. I don't know how but I changed by mistake the x axis step from 2 to 0. I feel like a fool but this is what happened. I turned it back to 2 and everything ran smoothly.
    Thanks again

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