Will there be a MAC Version of EleksCAM?

  • Are there any plans to port EleksCAM to the MAC Platform?

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    @mbitcon said in Will there be a MAC Version of EleksCAM?:

    Are there any plans to port EleksCAM to the MAC Platform?

    yeah , due to the Microsoft release Virtual Studio For Mac , and .NET for Mac , i think EleksCAM can run under mac but need hundreds of changes to go~

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    The best solution is a virtual machine, I have many customers using T2Laser (also a .net application) with this method so EleksCAM should work too.

  • @EleksMaker-Z That sounds very interesting! Will there be source code released so I could try to compile it?
    @Zax I am aware of virtual machines and even run one on my Mac to have development Ubuntu server, but I would not necessarily want to run Windows in a virtual machine, as I'd need a licence nevertheless. For now I get along quite well with Inkscape and a couple of plugins and send it with GrblController. I was just curious as I heard EleksCam was not bad and wanted to give it a try.


  • @mbitcon I just aquired an A3 and am working on a mac as well. So far, we managed to first flash the arduino with GBRL firmware and then use the "universal gcode sender" to get x and y motion. However, I can't turn the laser on yet.
    I'm interested in how you operate the laser and how you set its intensity. Every input is appreciated. thanks

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    @kresol You just treat the laser as a CNC spindle. The S value (usually from 0-255 but the Eleks firmware uses 0-1000) controls the power, after you turn it on with the M3 command.

    This code will draw a small 10 mm box at full power using default firmware - change the S255 to S1000 for Eleks firmware.

    M03 S0
    X10 Y10 M03 S255 F1000
    X10 Y0 M03 S255 F1000
    X0 Y0 M03 S255 F1000
    X0 Y10 M03 S255 F1000
    M03 S0

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