datasheet for this board

  • i think it's not very clear, can you tell me how to connect a 2.5W laser on this card and wich commmand on gcode to activate and desactivate the laser ?

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  • @mrmister
    im using EleksMakerĀ® LA03-2500 445nm 2500mW Blue Laser Module With Heatsink For DIY Laser Engraver Machine from banggood,

    Where must i connect the power ( PWM, or +12V ),

    for the software , i'm using CNC USB, but i don't know how to control the laser for engraving with this soft.


  • @Mohamed 0_1496256255618_laser01.jpg ![alt text](image url)

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    @Mohamed That looks like a 2 wire laser. If so it connects to the two pin port labeled motor/laser. It also looks like you have a barrel connector so you may have to cut that off and wire to the two pins or make an adapater.

    If it has more than 2 wires (that are not visible in the picture) then you connect them to the 3 pin port where it says laser with the 12 volt + to pwm, the grounds to ground, and the ttl input to 5v.

  • @nottingham82
    thank you for your help,
    now i control the laser with motor output.

    Still have issue how to control the laser with the PWM, from the laser output on VIAxis, we have GRD, +5V and PWM ? , is the pwm with 12 V so we connect the laser on this pin or it's a 5V and we must use another circuit to drive a 12V ?

    Also the pin are not clear on the diagram , wich one is GRD, +5V and PWM ?


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    You have a 12 volt laser. 5 volt is for a laser control board you don't have. You probably need to take a multimeter and check each pin so you know how to connect things. When you find 5v ignore that one. You need a 12v positive and a ground. I've never used cncusb so I can't help you there.

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    The "motor" connector is 12V switched by the MOSFET from the same PWM pin (D11) that controls the 5V TTL (s-pin) on the "laser" connector.

    You get the same functionality.

    • TTL describes the voltage level, PWM is the signal.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your answers,

    Still with the same issue, now when i send M03 S0 with CNC CONTROLLER to the board, i get always +5V on M03 pin, can you please tell me how to control the board to get a PWM on this pin ?

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