A3 cable all over the place

  • Hi, i set up the A3 and somehow dislike that the cables are all over the place.
    Worry a bit if i cut/ engrave larger pieces, that they will move the piece.

    Was thinking to build something like a flexible car antenna to keep the cables up. anybody here that found another solution and would like to share?0_1496455080583_03.06.2017 09-53-12.jpg

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    put something stiff in with the wires. I use a piece of copper wire. some 3d printers use a piece of 3mm filiment. Anything stiff that you can bow up will work to keep the wires up away from the laser

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    oh yeah and I didnt even notice your y motors arent supposed to meet up with your x. It needs to be like Muuser shows. The wire i use only is for the x and it just gives it a nice bow upward. Also note how he ran the y wires between the gantry and the frame. That helps them not get tangled. You may need to remove the wheels to do that.

  • That looks neat!
    And now i know what those black thingies are for.
    Makes all sense.
    Need to turn the motors any way to let the cables run like that. No big deal.

    Thanks guys!

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