Robot laser anyone?

  • I was looking into several softwares and installed some trial versions.
    where i got stuck is robot laser


    What i am planning mainly to do with this A3 is to cut black cardboard. it is for packaging inlays. Means there are parts cut and others only scored (cut with lower power so that it only burns parts of the thickness)
    I read here in this forum, that some have problems to cut paper.
    In my case i tested the black cardboard and this laser (2500mw) and it cuts nicely, even with a not too low speed.

    What i need for making this cuts is a vectorized file. ai, dxf or whatever to keep the size precise. and in best case an option to set the power of the laser according to for example a color of the line. Robot laser seems to provide this.

    Does anybody have experience with robot laser and the elekslaser working together? or only robot laser?

    Thanks all.

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    the guy who made it posts infrequently at No one I know really uses it and he doesnt update it much he has his own section on that forum along with T2 Laser and Ben Cut Laser.

    The problem with paper is the color. White paper is the issue. It reflects alot of the energy. Black paper shouldnt be an issue.

    T2 laser will do your dxf files using color as laser power.

    Ben Cut Laser does DXF but I dont think it does color as power. But you can set each line to its own power. It is designed as a cutting software.

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    He copied T2Laser at the beginning but since then I've added hundreds of new features. You would need multi-pass for white paper (which both T2Laser and BCL support), the first pass removes the shine/gloss and then you can cut it but it's not going to be a clean cut like a 40W CO2 or knife. Colored paper works great, even off white just not cheap copier paper.

  • Thanks, gentlemen!

    That was quick and very helpful!

    I have T2 installed as a trial somewhere, bon cut i need to first download.
    I will look into both more detailled and will give feedback.

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