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  • Hi guys,

    Elekscam is simple to use, but it has a few bugs and it needs some improvement. I would like to see the following improvement points in Elekcam:

    • less crashing, sometimes I try to click some buttons in Elekscam but I can't press them and I only get a sound from Windows...
    • time to finish
    • emergency stop
    • mm sizing for pictures and text, and not acreage.. and also NOT a fixed ratio of width and height, it is really annoying..!

    This one I get a lot.. 0_1496501710544_error.png

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    Hm - yes - error messages are annoying, but what you mean mm sizing for pictures and text? Sizing is in millimetres and no - fixed ratio is not annoying.
    You can see measures in left lower work area right after X Axis and Y Axis. If you don't able to calculate, then just switch Set Home Coordinate to L-B instead of Center and you will see... that your drawing is 33mm in width and 9mm in height.

    In PicCarve just use pre-designed picture that is in proportion. In TextCarve you know needed height and/or width you want to carve, so use them. If we must calculate proportion measures for changing size of some picture - believe me - that will be more annoying then missing possibility to make ugly non proportion text.

    Time to finish would be nice, but as you can see percentage of made job and time elapsed from job start, you can calculate it easily by yourself.

    Best emergency button is always power button of machine as stopping G-code sending to machine may will not stop it, as there may be some command in cache. And in EleksCAM 3.1 STOP button works, except when you send G-Code directly. Then there is functional only PAUSE button.

    Sorry for that long yarn, but I was little bit irritated about your "good idea" to calculate proportional measures for changing drawings sizes by myself...

    Yes - there would be nice feature to switch that proportional size calculation off and on, but believe me, there are much more and much important improvements that needed to do before. Your "needs some improvement" is very, very lightly told...

  • @MuuSer
    Thank you for your reply.

    Regarding the sizing in mm, I know a fixed ratio can be handy sometimes. I was not trying to say that it should be removed. Adding a custom sizing would be very handy. Also, I know that in the main screen you can see the size of your carving/engraving in mm, but if you type the acreage (stupid unit) wrong, then you have to load the picture all over again, adjust settings accordingly again, and then guess if it will be right this time. I think it is a bit unhandy. I want to engrave my own pictures, not stock pictures. Another thing that could come in handy, is resizing your text/image in the main screen, like for example in word, with the arrows.

    I own a 3D-printer which uses Repetier-Host as a slicing program. That program contains an emergency button, which comes in very handy sometimes. It works almost instantly. As adding endstops which for example the ManaSE board is not possible, I really think that an emergency button is a must!

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    You can easily add home (limit) switches, and they really improve the machine. I also agree that an emergency stop button is essential, both are supported with T2Laser and perhaps one day in EleksCAM.

  • @Zax

    how can I add the limit switches? The ManaSE board does not have any ports for that...

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    You can either solder to D9 pin or use a header between the Nano clone and socket. Use 2 normally open micro-switches at the lower left (home) and wire then in parallel between D9 and ground. You can then tell Grbl your machine limits and it will use "soft limits".

    The benefit is you can always go to the exact position easily, I use preset locations for different jigs as I often have repeat jobs. It makes things so much easier and more like a conventional CNC.

  • Regarding the errors. There is a region problem in the software. Set your decimals to point instead of comma (Windows settings)

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