Common Issue: Laser stays on - revisited

  • Dear folks,

    firstly thanks to all that helped me the recent days to understand what's going on and to fix certain issues.
    One topic still remains and with that i am not able to use my machine, after literally nights of detective work.
    The laser stays on with the mana se board.

    Summed up my set up, what i did and what i figured out

    1. I followed precisely instructions acc to "frequent issues"
    2. i generally checked with Elekscam and T2
    3. i always successfully flashed the related firmware via Elekscam or T2
    4. I tried after i failed also a 3 axis mana board that i have
    5. i first had connection problems with the laser which has two pin connection
    6. i set as read in another post the laser strength to 255 (also tried different)
    7. i also checked using the nano of both boards and crossed changed. Even used a third nano that i have from a different suppliers board.
    8. i tried it all on a second computer
    9. i wiped all drivers, related softwares from Computer 1 and installed from the beginning again as described in the frequent issues threat.


    • the original nano from the mana se shows red LED and can not be connected or flashed via T2 / EM
    • The laser stays always ON and cannot be switched OFF on the mana se, with nano from different supplier board or nano from 3 axis EM board.
    • The laser stays always OFF and cannot be switched ON on the mana 3 axis EM board, with nano from different supplier board or nano from 3 axis EM board.
    • No different outcome changing computer, or wiping and reinstall
    • T2 always says GRBL 1.1 e 115200, ready
    • in any configuration and software the X/Y Motors follow manually input


    • Since there was once - and i can't reproduce where i was using T2, changing the power of the laser and the mana se board's blue LED was "pulsing" with it, it seems that both boards have now a problem.
    • Since the motors are getting proper instructions and GRBL ready is stated i have to assume, that the flow of information from computer to the machine works properly and that both nano (different supplier and 3 axis mana one) are ok.
    • Since the laser, with Mana SE board and both Nanos turns on, the laser has a proper connection ( it's connected in the Motor connector and with that PWM enabled) the laser is also ok.

    Since all these things are as they are i need to assume that on the way:

    1. the original Mana SE Nano card got malicious
    2. Both cards (Mana SE and the 3 axis got malicious

    And since it seems like it, i miss a bit the input of the Eleksmaker team itself.
    Sure i bought the A3 without a laser. And we are talking here about DIY.
    But still there could be the one or other comment here and guidance at the moment of purchase.
    Especially since the previous models obviously were also sold with 2 pin connection, the A3 and other models can be bought without laser (which i did and with that EM should have immediately known, what is about to happen), so this problem will arise anyway and one of their distributors obviously also sell with non EM lasers. And i think main reason: the problem is not really resolved here. I read quite some threats here of people meeting same issues.

    The guidance could be many things but they should contain connection plans and do's and don'ts (I also found the assembly sketched lacking a bit info at the right moment)
    Another option is just to explain what and why? In whatever way.
    Or to offer a upgrade kit to make out of the lasers other offer a laser that can be easily connected to the Mana SE.

    Well, folks, i don't want to be the big complainer here. But i make by myself products where their performance, usability and longevity is mainly related on how they are being used and taken care of.
    And i miss this here a bit from eleksmakers side. Big thanks to all that helped me and are active making this forum so lively.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    :cry: nice work partner´╝îI am very grateful to you for what you have done.

    and I'm terribly sorry that I don't have much time to help you.

    cause i got a lots of works to be done....

    anything about products problem it self can contact with our custom service @John

    our products is very cheap , so we dont have much money to hire very professional technical support for our forum.

    at last , i am very appreciate to all of the brilliant folks , its you guys make this forum so lively!!!

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    This post is deleted!

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    sounds like a good way for unscrupulous people to add virus' to the software.

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