Elekscam - How to trace the frame of a project? (Preview with laser/pen ON )

  • I can't seem to be able to use preview as intended, preview shows me my area but always lifts my pen up, even when i turned it on before clicking preview. Anybody knows how to do that?

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    May I ask - just for curiosity and perhaps for learning curve - why you need that pen draws your drawing area?

  • I want to mark any preview area as a visual target for series of variously shaped materials. Why can't i simply have the preview not lifting my servo up. To make up for this, i added a switch to my servo cables, so i can cut the juice on it so preview doesn't lift the servo, it's working like a charm. Put laser on, cut juice, press preview and you got your drawing area frame traced. Bam. I just wish the software would let me do that.

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