Laser slight deviate of is path each pass

  • I'm having this problem with my eleksLaser , each repeat is not exactly on the same path as last pass . If i try to cut some peace of heavy paper or fine wood, i have to repeat 3, 4 or 5 times to make the cut, problem is, at 2nd pass , laser is not exatly on the line of last pass. It deviates like 0.5mm on X and 0.5 on Y . Result , it passes serveral times , like 10 or 15 passes and burn line is larger every pass. At the end we can see some stairs patern on the cut.

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    ok that is gonna be a mechanical problem. Your belts are too tight or too loose is the most likely culprit. Other problems can include a gantry that doesnt move smoothly due to a wheel that isnt turning or has a flat spot. This problem is called "losing steps"

  • checked belts, check drivers current 0_1497022408120_Sem Título.jpg

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    This post is deleted!

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    yeah i would say the same.... it looks to be equally wide on each side of the line so the laser is still centered. paper is a fickle mistress because it burns so easily.

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    Sometimes you can keep the line thin by speeding up the laser and doing more passes. this limits the exposure of the material to the heat so the area around it wont heat up so much. It will take alot more passes though at higher speeds.

  • @nottingham82 I have a similar problem, If I burn a circle, square or line it moves well, but when I try a complex image I have problems with the steps, moves more to the rigth than to the left. I'll try to change belt. many thanks.
    I think another problem could be that some of the wheels is not free enougth.

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