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  • HI,

    I have the problem that the size of the svg file is not true. Unfortunately, you can not set the software in the size setting. How to fix this error?

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    jpg size

    svg size

  • Hi
    The only option is to use the calibrate settings.


    Normal this setting is used to calibrate the length and width of the X and Y axis.
    E.a If you draw a X line of 100 mm and you measure 92 mm the Pluse X number should be 100/92*100= 108.695. You can measure your svg draw dimension and calculate the Pluse value.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your answer. Had already thought that one does not get any help here. I have pre-cut with the A3Pro measure exactly things and the possible to 3 tenths of a millimeter precisely. Unfortunately, I get Laserweb 4 not to run because I have no problems with the size. So I have only EleksCam which is not really mature and has some errors. I hope the next update svg are usable above all things that you can adjust the size exactly if the program is too stupid to take the size correctly.

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