Eleks Laser A3 Not Responding

  • Hi All,

    Sorry if I'm about to ask questions that have already been answered, but I can't seem to find my specific symptom anywhere.

    My problem is that everything seems to be setup correctly, but I can't control any aspect of the machine Can't switch the laser on off (weak or full), can't move a motor.

    I've built the machine as bought from Banggood, successfully followed the software installation for EleksCAM, installed the driver and re-flashed the firmware via EleksCAM.

    The Arduino is obviously alive and responding as it ca be reflashed with avrdude. EleksCAM can find the COM port and seems to be happily sending commands but literally nothing happens. I can switch the laser on using the weak laser button on the board.

    I'm running EleksCAM 3.1 on Windows 10 (via Bootcamp on a Mac).

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated,

    Thanks, Rob

  • Further information:

    I can connect to Arduino via a console and it reports Grbl 0.9i. I can send it Gcode commands and it reponds with 'ok' I obviously everythings working, but I still can't switch the laser on or move the carriage.

  • Yet more information:

    I flashed it with BenBox with the same results. I can connect to it via the serial port and it reports "benbox laser 3.1(c) mul 2015.06.06" and I can send it Gcode and get 'ok' back so, again, it thinks everythings ok.

    Have I got a bad mainboard?

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    did you right click and select run as administrator and change windows regional settings from , to .

  • Yes, running as admin and I'm from the UK so regional settings are '.' as standard (but I will check again).

  • Yep, 'Decimal Symbol' set as '.' in Control Panel > Region.

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    you might want to try t2 laser. Its free to try and alot more powerful. You can follow my instructions for getting it to work. If that doesnt work there may be something wrong with the board.


    Youtube Video

  • Will do that and report back, thank you.

  • Ok, so I followed your video fine to the point where you try and jog the motors (firmware upgrade 1.1e etc.) and, whilst the application reports everything as ok, I get no movement at all, doesn't even sound like its trying.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Sounds like no power, either the PSU or switch isn't working. It could also be a bad capacitor on the input if it's shorted.

    Edit: I just noticed you mentioned the low power button, the Mana SE doesn't have one. That's the power switch!

  • I think there's power because I can press the button on the main board (EleksMaker Mana SE) and switch the laser on to focus it.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Oh, you're talking about the laser button. Yes, so you must have power.

  • Ok... I'm a dick!

    I can now get movement in the Y direction, X seems very tight and, whilst the motor tries, it doens't move...

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    oh the infamous power switch not on problem. Lol. So 2 things to check. First check belt tension and that the wheels move freely with the system off. If that looks good check the voltage on the x driver (red board). It may need to be turned up by turning the little philips screw head sticking out of it (dont do this if the gantry isnt moving smoothly or youll burn up the driver board)

  • So, with the power switch on and the current drivers adjusted we have movement! Thank you guys very much for you help.

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    now go burn something.... just not yourself or your house!

  • On it :)

    Thanks again for all your help. Time to learn about power and speed settings...

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