Vote : Do you use Windows or Mac OS

  • This already runs on mac but not with your your software porting it will not be so easy either unless you drop DOTNET and use golang java or another cross platform and then even these have their quirks.

    MAC without doubt is a better operation system it's unix based for a start thus has a enterprise file system. I tried to get to your software to run in a VM with windows 7 but to no avail @Zax did recommend to use T Laser which at the time I had downloaded but as I had found weblaser which does run on mac/windows/linux I thought I would give it a go, then has presto all working well.

    I have never had your software working locally so I can't compare the Gcode version between the two.

    So basiclly I say your software should accomidate all user windows MAC and LINUX..

  • Windows

  • @EleksMaker-Z

    I'm having a Mac!

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