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  • Hi. I have been trying some things using EleksCam software. But there is a problem that the laser is basically too strong for the plywood. It basically bunrs the surface, rather than making it just "brown". Here are some pics, the first was engraved using 2000 or 3000 mm/s, while the second one 6000mm/s. As you can see, its basically burnt. Is there a way to reduce the laser power? Besides, what software can you recommend besides EleksCam? Thanks in advance :)

    2000-3000 mm/s

    6000 mm/s

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    That's ugly! It's probably a settings issue but I don't use EleksCAM so hopefully someone else can help you. If you want to test your machine with T2Laser there's a free trial (it costs $39.95 to register).

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