Please need help on laser setup!

  • Hi guys!
    I´ve been reading alot on the forum now but cant get my problem resolved so will try asking the wise men on this forum :-)

    I have bought the A3 pro with the Mana SE board.
    This one comes with 3 Connectors for the laser module..... BUT.... my laser is a 3500mw 2 pin connector.

    It has a seperated driver board with a 2 pin connector TTL + and - and a 2 pin connector POWER + and -
    I can turn the laser on Full power or off no controlling it.
    I have tried connecting + and - to motor output on Mana board which gives me control to turn laser on and off from Elekscam, and also use low power laser, but as soon as i start burning the laser shuts off.

    are there a friendly soul that can please help a newbie :-)
    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    soooo, you will have to do your own wiring on this. you need to wire the two (-) wires together and wire it to the laser control (-) on your mana board. Then connec the power (+) to the laser positive (+) on the board. Lastly connect the TTL(+) to the (s) connector on the mana board. All three of the pins you need are labeled on the Laser connector on the board. If this still doesnt work post some pics of how you wired it so i can see where you went wrong.

  • Thank you very much i will try to do this :-)

  • @nottingham82 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.....

    you truely are an angel sent from above it works perfectly now thank you sooooooooo much i would never have figured out to copy the ground wire to the TTL thank you sooo much.... i really appreciate it thank you thank you :-)

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