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  • When does EleksMaker Evolution Desktop CAM work? After reading this fourm it seems that there is nothing but problems with the Eleks Laser and its software. Did the creators of this product do any beta testing or establish any minimum requirements needed to operate the system, if so where are they? If not why not?

    You offer a technical product with no instructions to consumers who must depend on a fourm that can only tell you what doesn't work. Great business model, poor customer.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    long time ago , we just a smalllllllll company , and due to the very low prices we dont have much money , we set up this forum in order to gather the information for our customer directly , and i must say i am sorry we cant bring you the most very detailed description of the assembly today .

    but in the past two month (since our forum online), we are trying to fix everything we come up with . And promote some performance.

    And now , we are trying to bring the very detail assembly instructions and include the problem your folks come up with.

    I feel terribly sorry for everyone.

    and for a DIY KIT products , any one can have different problem. we try to collect these big data.

    I promise we will fix these problems as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

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