Eleks A3 pro 2500mw issues

  • I picked up an A3 pro the provided software seems incompatible. Would not load the .hex file in benbox. I received an updated version that connects but now when the driver board is turned on the laser immediately turns on at full power with no way to turn it off. I tried to do a print by starting the print at the same time as turning on the driver board and noticed the laser does not pulse while printing. It is just leaving solid burn lines everywhere it moves. I have the manta se controller and a 2500mw laser with the circuit board on the top if that info helps any.

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    You can follow this link :http://forum.eleksmaker.com/topic/25/benbox-instruction

    And make sure the settings are just like the last img shows in that link.


  • Yes my settings are the same with the exception of the com port. Depending witch usb port I was using it was either com on com 7 or com 8.

  • @MacGyver It's exactly my situation.....................................

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    @roby320d I think you have a hardware problem as you said even with the signal pin grounded the laser was still on, this can only be caused by a fault.

    @MacGyver you may try T2Laser trial to see if your machine works, just be sure to install my firmware per the instructions.

  • @Zax I hope that the customer service will answer me soon......

  • I have been doing some testing. So the circuit board attached to the laser unit has 3 pins. A constant +12 volt pin, A ground pin, and a 5 volt pwm signal to turn the either (on = +5V) or (off = 0V). I have determined that this board is defective by connecting a 12V source to the +12 and ground. The laser turned on without any signal. Where can I get a replacement board? The model number on the board is SW-LD45 V3.0 and the part number is 160912.

  • @MacGyver maybe you have new board and old laser?
    i.e. laser have 3-pin, but PWM-in on laser is not functional due some strange reasons.
    Try to look on the laser board and how connected (and how affected on each other) +12 Vcc and PWM contacts on laser?
    Maybe it connected by short circuit?

    or post photo of laser board here
    (I buying many arduinos with badly soldered chips and with some mistakes in soldering)

  • @digdream The Manta boards with the A5 series had the TTL (Transistor to Transistor Logic) chip on the main unit and used a 2 wire connector powering the laser. The A3 model has the Manta SE board without the logic chip but a 3 wire connector that plugs into a remote TTL mounted to the cooling fan of the laser. The solder joints are fine on my unit. It has an internally shorted transistor or flat pack. I could repair the one I have but the manufacture scuffed the top of all the components to remove the component numbers. The TLL I need should be a cheep part between $5 and $8 I just need to know where I can get a replacement

  • @digdream @Canada_green has posted a photo of the faulty board under their post titled "Laser driver board sw-ld45" Seems a common problem everyone with an A3 2500mw model is having. May be a bad batch of parts from no quality control in manufacturing or a design flaw.

  • Hello everybody!
    What is the yellow jack (minus, plus, G, P) on the L7 Eleks Meyker shield?
    Has anybody schematic diagram of this board?

  • @miola07 Start a new thread on the topic. I am not familiar at all with the L7

  • I had an issue with the Eleks A3 Pro where the laser would never turn on. I tested the laser output from the Mana SE board and found that all was good. I then discovered that the cable reversed the Vcc and PWM pins. That is the +12 Vcc (red wire) on the controller was wired to the PWM pin on the laser and that the PWM (white wire) on the controller was wired to the Vcc pin on the laser. The ground (black wire) was correct. I used a jeweler’s screwdriver to carefully remove the red and white pins from the plug on the laser end of the cable and swapped them. The laser now functions correctly.

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