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  • Does anyone know if the outline function is available in the T2 laser software?? and what file type should I import to the software?? I am trying to cut blocks and my Eleskam software is not letting my laser cut at full power for some reason...
    I am in south africa so this program is a little expensive so I want to make sure it will work for me before I try and purchase...

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    T2 accepts images and dxf files. benboxlaser.us is a good forum for T2 laser capabilities.

    As for you laser, why do you think the software is the restriction?

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    @TeLLe Yes, T2Laser now has 3 methods of tracing an image (raster to vector). That's what the outline function does.

    It's unlikely software is your problem, but if you test T2Laser make sure you use my firmware as the Eleks firmware uses 0-1000 for power and I use the standard 0-255 (same as Grbl). So you would get 1/4 power if you use their firmware and don't change the setting for laser max in T2Laser.

  • I hope its a software problem.. because I dont understand why my laser would just stop working at full power...
    I bought wood to cut and it was almost 4mm so it just didnt make it...
    I got 3mm supa wood... (which is what everyone uses here for lasers)
    I also bought 2mm ply wood and with my settings on the Eleskcam at 1000 power and 500 speed it is hardly scratching the surface... I honestly dont understand it... and being from South Africa I have a problem returning the laser... I just dont know anymore... :'( I was so excited to get this machine and its turning out to be a bit of a disappointment

  • Attached are 2 images and you can see the difference... same amount of cuts same power!!

    1_1499368376896_20170706_210527.jpg 0_1499368376896_20170706_210217.jpg

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    is laser focused?

    Are sure the settings are the same?

  • I have focusted the laser.. it is a smooth thin line...
    It is the same settings... Power 1000 and speed 500... one week apart... same material...

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    @TeLLe is Weak Laser activated? If yes, turn it off

  • Thank you for the reply... Weak is off...
    Nothing I set seems to make a difference :(

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