• Hi all,
    does anybody uses Laserweb together with the Elekslaser?
    It seems to me that it is the optimal software for me reading the docs.

    But i still have problems with the settings i guess.
    If somebody is using it, would you mind copying here your GRBL settings and G code settings please?

  • Did you upgrade the GRBL firmware?
    I think Laserweb requires at least 1.1e to work.

  • I'm also interested in hearing anyone's experiences with laserweb. So far I've almost gotten the speed settings correct for cardstock, but am still dropping the occasional step. Not sure if I need to be more methodical with my $100 and $120 steps, or remeasure the current adjust pots on the driver boards.


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    if you are missing steps it is most likely a mechanical issue not a software one. Check your voltages and belt tensions.

  • Update from my side.

    Thanks first to @DiverCTHunter , i will compare with my settings.

    First i was testing laser web with my mac and that didn't work out that well, or better not at all. couldn't even connect.
    So i decided to run it on a windows computer.
    Installed, connected and it ran immediately.
    ( well, after upgrading to 1.1e of course. This i did with the T2 test version. Easy thing)

    So far i have to say laser web is brilliant and yes, for free.

    What i mainly do with it is branding wooden handles of items i make and cut black cardboard that i use for inlays of packagings.
    Before i was going to a place here in town, a DIY community that has a CO2 laser from universal. That thing needs an ai. file.

    Laser web works nicely with svg that i could very comfortably convert in illustrator from my original file.

    Some speed and power tests and the thing was running.

    small issues i still have is that i did't yet discovered the way to save my work in Laserweb.
    Also sometimes my computer crashes. Full blue screen and i am not sure what it is. sometimes it works for days, sometimes it crashes during first etching.
    (that might be my computer - old thing, or a more complicated Gcode?, or bugs in the software)

    if you want to engrave a bmp laser web works roughly the same as other here discussed softwares. It looks to me it doesn't have that many functions such as adjusting the pic in so many ways, or different engravement modes. Probably there the T2 would be the solution. But that i need to test more.

    For cutting and scoring the handling is just very straight forward:

    i use the svg files, with very thin lines (designed in Illustrator 0,01mm) in two different colors Full RGB red and blue. Blue is for me scoring and i can set for my material (a 0,5mm black card board) a fast speed and 100%power while the red represents cutting and i go here with a pretty slow speed to have it done.

    The line color can be filtered in the software. Very fast set up and ready to go.
    can really recommend

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    @micc I think you would agree for beginners T2Laser is a much easier and have many options, but obviously not free - or I can't keep developing it.

  • @micc LaserWeb not working on your Mac?? Really?
    My setup here: Eleksmaker A3 with mana SE and on it an original Arduino Nano running on latest GRBL 1.1F.
    Running on my iMac 27" Laserweb, it runs Marvelously good.
    What i think your missing is a serial driver : and iff your mac is running on the latest OSX (Sierra) and the driver would crash then u can use an other compatible driver from github:
    Hope this wil solve your problem ,so you could run Laserweb4 i think this is the best program you can use on a mac.

  • @micc to u can save your work on laserweb4 it's on the CAM tab (on the left) --> workspace --> save / load

  • @DiverCTHunter
    Your $100, 101, and 102 set to 80.4 seems pretty odd to me. Normally is 80 (steps/mm)

  • Made a simple video on how to setup LaserWeb with Elekslaser
    Youtube Video

  • @Dovah I'd love to get some advice from you on how to get things to actually cut. I got several images and I'm trying to get them to the proper size but it just inst working. I also found a grid to put on plywood for the actual build area but I can't figure out how to get LaserWeb to make a gcode from it.

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