Eleksmaster SE 2 and Mach3

  • Hi All,

    I bought a Laser engraver which uses the Eleksmana SE 2 board off Gearbest. I really just wanted the frame at the time . I am wondering if I can use the Eleksmaster SE 2 controller Mach3?. Has any had experience doing this ?

    Really the reason I want to use Mach3 as it has VB scripting . Not sure if Eleksmaster or Benbox software can do this.


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    @Wesley-Williams I don't think Mach3 supports Grbl based systems, you would have to replace the controller card.

    What is the reason you want scripting? There may be alternate methods I can suggest.

  • @Zax . What I am doing is use the cnc frame to move over a grid and photograph very small areas. So i want to move to a predetermined coordinate and photograph.. The photographing part wont be controlled through the controller , but through the scripting.

    Any suggestions would be great.

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    @Wesley-Williams It seems like this would be easy to do using G-code, you would rapid move to a location and then pulse D11 ("laser") to take a photo.

    Of course if you already have the script and Mach3 setup it's probably easier to replace the electronics (driver board) to something compatible.

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    To repeat Zax. The answer to your question is No you can not connect MACH 3 to Mana boards.

    You wanted the frame of a cnc; you bought a eleksmaker machine and you have everything you need.

    To use Mach 3 you now need a controller board and stepper drivers. These are available for purchase on the internet.

    Good luck with your cnc advwnture, you can get it to wirk, it will just take some wxtra steps

  • Not tried this yet but I would think if you took the nano off the mana se board and poked the relevant wires from a parallel port break out board into the appropriate pin holes you should be able to use mach3 that way. You already have the drivers and everything you need. I was planning to try this to test the tangential feature on mach3 but saving that for a winter project.

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    @pledgy You could do that, essentially replacing the Nano with step / direction signals. Good suggestion.

    For the tangential feature are you using the stepper method you posted for the rotation? How are you doing up/down for the knife?

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    Great concept. That should work. I believe Mach 3 allows for pin assignment.

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  • Thanks for all the advice. Is there a wiring diagram for the nano Arduino interface.


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    @Wesley-Williams This is all you need, D2 - D7.


  • @Zax the ultimate goal is to make a carpet cutting machine so for that I would use a pnumatic cylinder to lift and lower the knife. Yes I would be using a stepper motor for the rotation. For me the mechanical and electrical sides of it with a little experimentation should not be too much of a problem. The part I am not too confident about is the software to create the gcode. So far I have just tried the Inkscape extension which works but I need to be able to set an angle that would cause it to lift turn and plunge back down to avoid breaking the blade. The only way I could get it to do it was to put small gaps in the path but that's not practical. I have read that Mach 3 can do that so that's my next test.

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