Very happy and some materials cut

  • Hi

    Thanks for this product, I have just assembled my A3 and have been very happy with its performance.

    I have been able to cut 3mm medium balsa easily in one pass. The reason I bought it was to cut dense black foam, I was very pleasantly surprised to find I could cut the 10mm dense foam in one pass at 100mm min and achieve a good finish.

    I achieved the best finish by cutting it on top of an extractor fan and the key seemed to be to focus near the middle of the foam instead of the middle. Lots more experimenting to be done.

    A word of caution , wear your glasses even when plugging in the usb cable, when I plugged mine in the laser came on at a high power for a second or two and was reflected by the white packing foam I used under it. Hopefully I did not lose too many eye cells!!!! :boxing_glove:


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    @nashtm The USB alone won't power the laser but if you have the power supply connected and the board turned on you should always wear the glasses.

    Which power laser do you have?

  • I have the 2500mW version.

  • wow.... can you please tell me what settings and speed you are using for cutting 3 mm balsa in one pass ???
    I have the 3500 mw laser and i focus the laser and with speed around 6-800 for not getting the wood burning and with 100% power i have to run through about 3-4 passes before i even get close to burn through it, and that is only 2mm Balsa, the 3mm Balsa has to be run through about 7-10 times.

    thank you.

  • @Kim-Cortsen

    Hi Kim

    I checked in the garage tonight and the balsa is actually 2mm. But the 2mm was cut easily at 100 mm min. I am sure that 3mm is doable. I also cut some wood from old wooden blinds that is 2.2 mm thick. It was cut at 90 or 100mm min. The foam I thought was 10mm was actually 15mm. Also cut at 100mm min.
    The cutting was done on top of a metal grid with an extractor fan.

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    Using a cutting grid (honeycomb) and air assist or even a fan will help a lot.

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    This post is deleted!

  • okay i see, i have only mounted an external fan for cooling the driver board of the laser, i will definetly try to mount another fan to blow on the material.
    Thank you so much for your time, i am learning something new everyday about my laser, so that is super cool :-)

    i will try all of the advice above and try slowing down my speed thank you guys :-)

  • wow what a difference i tried just raising the material 6 mm with free airflow underneath and i can now cut 2 mm Balsa easily on 500 mm/min and at 600 mm/min i have to just "snap it" to get it apart what a huge improvement allready, just by raising it i have reduced the cut time by around half thanks alot guys will try the fan if i can find one somewhere :-)

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    @Kim-Cortsen I use my air compressor for air flow. Just hook up a free flowing nozzle pointed at it. Some people that dont have air compressors use a fish air pump. You could probably get one of those used for real cheap.

  • ahhhhh good idea that i havent thought about, i know i can get one from a family member will definetly try thank you :-)

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