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  • Hello,

    im upgrading a laser from banggood with eleksmaker mana se
    all seem to work but as soon as i power up the laser goes to full power and do not shut down. i c an control the motors but not the laser.
    the laser is 1600mw with just plus and minus.
    how should i connect it to get it right and be able to run it in weak mode?


  • @frimurare I am trying to figure out the same problem. My printer shipped with the Manta Se. I need to ask what did you upgrade and did the problem only occur after the upgrade. Also what exact part(s) were upgraded?

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    from what I understand (I dont have a mana se) you need to connect the laser to the area that says motor(it should be a 2 pin +/- just like your laser). How did you hook it up? do you have a picture? Also what software are you using. I have heard with the benbox software you may have to change the pin selection in the software. If you are using T2 i dont think there is any adjustment to make.

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    If you have the newer system, 3-wire TTL laser then it connects to the laser connector but if you have an older 2-wire non-TTL laser then it connects to the motor connector which is via a MOSFET for control. I suspect you have 3-wire so is connected OK. There's no jumper pin to move on the Mana. You can test using the T2Laser trial with my Grbl 1.1e firmware and see if you have a hardware or software issue.

  • Thanks for your responses!

    I did reconnect the wiring to "motor" control for the laser as some of you suggested and that seems to work just fine now! :) Thanks a bunch for this, i would probably not have figured out this by myself.

    I have a new problem though which is very wierd and which surprised me.
    When i use Elecsmaker software, the laser fires as it should, and when i press "play" the software shows that all is working, but the laser does not move. When i try it manually it do move.

    When i use benbox software, it do move, but do not fire the laser correctly.
    I use the recommended firmware for benbox and i see that you have to use separate firmwares for each product.
    I would prefer to use the benbox software but i could live with useing Elecsmaker too but right now i cannot use either one of them.

    Check out my attached clip!

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  • Oh.

    Let me try again!

    Working link

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