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  • Hi all,
    So it turns out they are going to send a replacement for my fautly laser..
    What I want to know is how can I check if it is the laser or the control unit?? or do they usually replace both?? I am so scared I get a new laser and then it turns out to be the control board... Or is it unlikely??

    Recap... my laser wont but even 0.5mm where it used to cut 3mm... and i only have it for 20 days :(

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    @TeLLe The laser module just takes 12V from the power supply and a control signal (TTL) from the board. If you disconnect the USB cable but leave the machine powered on does the laser come on? If so, that's max power so if it's not like before you have a bad module.

  • Well If the machine is on and I unplug the usb it does nothing but if I plug it back in the laser starts for a few seconds but the blue is so dull I can look straight at it.. then goes off...

    I am soooo excited to get started with all my projects.. I really want to get the worked out.. I assume my supplier here is SA bought from Banggood so I am hoping he will the replacement as fast as I got the machine.. since I did pay for a rush order..

    Here are the pics of the laser... and control panel

    1_1499931422050_20170713_092958.jpg 0_1499931422049_20170713_092950.jpg

  • I mean there has to be something wrong... first image was cut almost 3 weeks ago...
    Took 12 times at 1000 power and 500 speed...

    The next image is exactly the same settings...

    both 3mm Supa wood...

    0_1499931738998_Week 1 first Cut.jpg 0_1499931791039_Week 2 Cut.jpg

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    @mrmister said

    Side note, the yellow wire is cut just above the plastic casing

    Good catch! Your eye sight isn't damaged from staring at the laser yet.

  • Wow awesome catch... so can that be the problem??
    If I disconnect the yellow wire from both... What do I do?? Power it up??
    What am I to do then??

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  • Okay I did that and the laser is still dull... it doesnt look bright at all...
    The Yellow wire is just the cover.. the wire is still perfect.. no breakage..

    I took a video so you can see... it also makes a rustling sound when it starts up.. like its struggling to get going...

    [0_1499960664097_FormatFactoryvideocompress-023-20170713_173415.mp4](Uploading 100%)

  • Never mind apparently I don't have enough privileges to upload a video

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    @TeLLe Unless your laser isn't getting enough current (which would be a power supply or board issue) the fault is on the laser module itself.

    To test it you need to connect a 12VDC source (5A) to the +/- (red/black) and 5V to the TTL input (yellow wire). It's simple if you have the tools, perhaps you know someone that can help you.

  • Hah ha @Zax I think I'm pretty awesome most of the time but not that awesome... ha ha I think that is a little over my blonde head!! I will see about getting the video online so you guys can see...

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