Can i engrave on pvc, but not very deep? Thx

  • Dear friends, I wanna ask that by EleksMill can i adjust it for engraving such as drag knife? i mean if I take a knife and drag on a surface such as pvc, can it engrave but not with very deep(must be less than 0.2mm)? I wanna konw whether EleksMill can do that, and what's the Min. depth can it engrave. Hope someone kind answer to me, really thx.

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    what do you know about cnc machines?
    dragging a blade across pvc would be pretty a waste of time and would not create very good results.

    use a pcb V bit.

  • This machine will not natively engrave in the fashion that you described without heavy modification. Could it be possible? Maybe, but I think you'd get the same results using a V bit right out of the box.

  • @mrmister
    Thanks for your reply. And i still want to ask if i use the PCB V bit, can i engrave a very small depth(less than 0.2mm)?I am not sure.

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    If you know how to get that precision out of an imprecise machine; if might be possible.

    First you have to know the exact spot where the surface starts.
    Second you have to adjust your Z deep to cut that shallow.

    More importantly you need to know if the software, steppers, controllers allow for that small of steps.

    You are better off doing research on cnc machines that have years of online support.

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    It may be possible if your material is very consistent thickness, as you can mill a base to be flat and then place it on that. It would be easier to use a floating bit but this requires more specialized tooling.

    I'm still not clear what you are trying to achieve, a scratch in the surface or some filled engraving?

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