new Laser module 8w and 15w peak

  • Hello all,

    I've got a A3 laser with a 2.5w laser, in the same banggood deal I'm bought a 15w laser (really a 8w) to engrave some metal


    I see to put in work I need a external power, and has a 12v 10a external font, but... some doubts:

    1- can I use 10a in mana se to put directly the 15w module in?
    2- do a little test using a external power, and only use a pwm wire in laser module (as my energy goes to another source, I'm not plug + and - ) and the laser starts on... I can't control onf and off... someone can help or take some ideas to change this?

    thank you

  • I am no expert but I would think you will have to connect the mana de - to the - of the power supply to the laser. DO NOT connect the + as well.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rubensx Yes, but you need to connect - to - (join the ground of the Mana SE board to the ground of the laser board). It is wise for both power supplies to be on the same circuit.

  • @Zax

    Ouch but - from my mana se board is not the same - from the source power to laser... if I do that I'll not burn the power supply ?

    Or maybe I put the 10a supply to mana and mana directly?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rubensx You are only connecting the grounds to ensure the TTL signal has a return path. It is not possible to use one power supply as the Mana SE board isn't rated for the laser current and could (although unlikely) burn out the traces.

  • @Zax

    Thank you, I understood!

    You mean use only one power supply (12v 10a) and makes a Y cable source, one to mana SE and other to the laser module?


    Can I use the original power supply in mana SE (12v 5a) and the other power supply (12v 10a) to the laser module and at last wire the 2 power supply grounds?

    Just thinking about these grounds can make it...

    Other fact, this module has no led switch (much desirable for me) and no focus adjust

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rubensx You could use a Y cable and one PSU, that would work. Connecting the ground (-) wires would have the same result.

    I am sorry to tell you the laser module is cheap, probably 5 to 6W output and with no way to focus it is a problem. You can select low power from software so I wouldn't worry about that.

  • thank you Zax!... Yeah before bought this I learn about... but, 6 is more of 2.5 right? I'm using your firmware, and the power is 0 to 255, what number power you recommend me to use?

    In small tests I see, this can engrave aluminium block WOW

    Focus is a problem but, I can deal it, (looking for the laser lens I'm thinking about put one more lens to screw... but I'll not do that for a while)

  • And its work!!!

    But, I have a doubt in T2 the image trace goes weird...

    Please zax take a looke at this distortions

    Orher image files without trace are ok and I see some distortions when I minimize the overhall size to engrave

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rubensx That is a mechanical issue with your machine, are the belts too tight?

    Have you adjusted the motor current?

    Test some basic shapes and get it working correctly first.

  • @Zax

    I need a howto solve these mechanical problems bur

    Some figures works perfecly others no,

    I'm in doubt about mechanical issues and I'm not change nothing about voltages and motor currents.

    All system is out to the box frim eleksmaker, if this product is not setup from the factory, it's a case to open?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rubensx In your burn the lines are not joining and the centers are shifted. This is most likely caused by lost steps, either too much friction or the motor current is incorrect. You must adjust these things or slow down the machine to compensate for it's issues (steppers lose torque at higher speeds so slower will show less issues but this is not a fix).


  • How correct current? And how to adjust? Eleksmaker not mention nothing about these motors, I'm guess is a nema 17?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rubensx Take a look at this post, you need to measure the Vref (when motors are not running) and adjust carefully. Also check the belts are not too loose or tight and the axis are not sticking (must move freely).

  • ok, I'm back!!

    thank you zax by the voltage information and loose/tight belt information, all settings are ok, when I do image or something like these variants all images are ok


    vector images still weird, the elipses not concluded (see image jeep below) and not much deformation (better now), but still has a undone lines, any idea?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rubensx I don't see an image, but if the lines aren't connecting that probably means you still have a mechanical issue. I have also seen some lasers that don't turn on immediately which would cause a similar issue.

  • It's mechanical problem... I set the correct voltages and this belt system is a crap, much work to loose or tight and never comes fine... a waste of time and money... the quality of these parts are poor and if you tight/loose brackets and supports too much it will crack...

    I'm very very frustrate with eleksmaker... the documentation is poor, don't has a troubleshooting guide to set these problems... but no... china is ever china quality...

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