Still Struggling to get laser replacement

  • I got this from the seller on how they want me to test the machine but I dont really understand... Do they want me to just unplug it from my pc??

    Please remove the control board and laser module from the machine.And only contact the control board with laser module,turn on them.
    1.If the laser cannot light out, please take a video of the testing process, and send to us, and we will help you claim for the laser replacement.

    2.If the laser could light.Could you please try to do it as follow?
    Facing the thin black plastic bag focus, when the photoelectric small moment can smoke is the focus of the moment.At this time the plastic bag is easy to burn a hole.And using it to work.If it still couldnot work,could you send a video showing it for us?For we could see you focus the laser module and then it couldnot work.

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    They are wasting your time and trying to stall until you can't do anything.

    File a complaint with PayPal and/or request a charge-back on your credit card. Then they will want to work with you and replace it.

  • It is just one excuse after another...
    I have been sending so many videos... and they just keep asking for more.. They refuse to refund me...
    I just want my money back so I can re order one from Banggood myself!!

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  • I will need it shipped to South Africa... so its a bit tricky...
    I have been in contact with the site I worked through and they are fighting with me so I am hoping it gets resolved soon...
    They just keep requesting one video after another...

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