Laser always on resolved

  • I was looking into just replacing my Manta SE controller and replacing it with either the original L1 Manta or replacing with a true Adriano controller. This got me into looking at the differences between them. Long story short for Benbox the install directions are wrong for the A3 models with the 3 pin cable. In the Benbox configuration panel on the right replace the values "laser 12,12 /to/ Laser 11,11" The newer Manta SE is using pin 11 for the laser control. Changing this value enables full software control in Benbox. The software buttons now work for weak laser, full power, and blip. This also enables the control of the laser power value from 0-255. 255 being full power and 128 half power Etc.....

  • 0_1488865359824_benbox%20solution.png

  • Keep feed rate at 1500 and PPM at 320 otherwise use these settings

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