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    Quick question.... I have an A5 rig with a mana SE board and a 500mw laser module.... what would be the strongest/most powerful laser module I could simply plug and play to this without getting into rewire/extra bits territory... would it be a 5w?

    All info gratefully received!

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    Any laser you like, the output from the Mana (actually from the Nano clone microcontroller) is a simple TTL signal. If the laser is above 2.5W I would use an external supply, but I believe the board should be able to take a 5.5W.

  • @mrmister lol... Im thinking maybe not!

  • @Zax If I used an independent power source for the laser would it just then be a case of taking the ground wire from the new module and connecting it to the ground terminal on the board. Also... I know that the lasers on eleksmaker go up to 5w and have a "low light" button... if the laser I buy does not have this button how would I get the low light function? Is that something that can be software controlled rather than a push button on the laser module itself?

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    @PhotonPhil Yes, you would likely need to tie the grounds together although it isn't always required depending on the circuit design and where they are getting power (wall outlet).

    You can always do a low power from software, which is better anyway.

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