I'm purchaseor(Eleks Laser A3 2500mW). There is a problem. Plz reply ASAP.

  • On March 4, I received the "Eleks laser a3 2500mw"

    yesterday, I assembly the Eleks laser for 3 hour.

    I set up the software according to the installation process.

    First, i instolled the drive and 'benbox' program.

    as soon as update firmware, the laser was turned on

    However, the laser didnt move, just aimed only one spot

    Then the paper started to be burnt.

    I couldnt just keep the laser on, i had to stop the laser by pressing the manual stop button.

    Since then even i turn the laser back on it still doesnt move(x,y axis).

    I check your webpage to solve this problem

    I was able to find more people who have same problem with me.

    It's not only my problem but also more customers who use your product. Please let us know the solution as soon as possible.

    Considering that many people have the same problems, it must be the faulty problem.

    As I paid money and time to purchase your product, it's your responsible to do your best to meet the customers needs and discomfort caused by your fault.

    I'm looking forward to getting useful and helpful answer from you ASAP.

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    Well arent we all high and mighty today. A company is not responsible for a kit they sold you that you assembled. There is a million things you could have done wrong that could cause this. Then there is also software problems, firmware problems, and just plain old windows problems. Benbox isnts Eleksmaker's software so also not their responsibility. Their software is Elekscam. These systems are very robust because they are simple. If you truely want to fix your problem and not just whine about whose responsability it is over to http://benboxlaser.us and many of us can help you get your system functioning like you expect. We have some great troubleshooting threads.

  • Read the "Laser always on resolved post", it fixed mine. I also loaded the "makeblock-328p-20150606" hex code instead of the LX-Nano one.

  • Sounds like the .Hex file was not loaded or the com port is set to (Disconnected)

  • @bsdtgr Where can i find that hex code?

  • @Ruben-Alvarenga-F. what code hex? gbrl 1.1?

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    the hex is built into elekscam. It is a version of .9 grbl. It will run on 1.1e/f

    1.1 is available on github but you need to c ustomize it for your machine.

    T2 laser has 1.1 built in with a custom build for eleksmaker machines.

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