Where have all of my posts gone?

  • Hi,

    i have 4 posts regarding to EleksCAM software issue and i cant see them any more. Seems like that someone deleted them. I even had posted log data from pc to machine and back (Elekmaker A3 2.5W laser, Mana SE board). Any news with issues in ElekCAM sw, is new version nearby?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    It appears your posts have vanished.

    I wouldn't expect updates, Benbox never had any and it was much worse.

  • Tnx for answer Zax. We all know where this is going. 😬 I will try youre software, and Bencutlaser software also, then i am thinking about purchasing those two softwares. Regardin to licesing in T2, i am concerned what will happen if i reinstall my pc, what i do often? Do i need to purchase another license (!) or first one is still valid?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    The license is valid for the computer, you can reload as many times as you like. Replace hard drive or other minor components, but not the CPU or motherboard as Microsoft consider that a new computer and change your Hardware ID.

  • O that is fine. Tnx for answer Zax. 😬👍

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