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  • So... ebay have finally forced the shoddy seller Comyur (AKA 2015happydeal...beware these two!!) to give me a full refund which means I am now the owner of a brand spanking A5 set up with a laser module that doesnt work. So... I already understand that I may need to grab T2 laser software (I saw your tutorial Zax and it looks great...way better than benbox) but it also raises the following question:... do I get a 2.5w laser module or go for a 5w one as I believe these can engrave metal/stone?? Is that correct.
    Also... having been "burnt" by buying from China already I am loathe to do it again... where would be the best place to get the replacement module...would like to get it fairly quick as I am eager to get this up and running now!

    All advice gratefully received

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    @PhotonPhil Buy from EleksMaker directly, click the Store link at top left. They charge shipping but it's worth it as they ship DHL air (at least to the USA) and I got my fancy blue laser in a few days instead of weeks and they provided a tracking number.

    The 5.5W looks really nice, if a little pricey.

  • Looking at the 5.5w module... the price isnt putting me off but two thoughts: Can I just plug this straight into the Mana SE board that I have or will I have to mess around with rewiring / grounding etc? and Will it do stone and metals as otherwise what is the point of spending the extra cash just for a laser that will only burn wood?

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  • @mrmister but when you have to replace the co2 tube it costs a bomb! also the machine is too bulky for my needs... I need the slimline lightweight form factor of these diode laser machines.... I just wanted to know out of the two options of a 5w or 2.5w which had the best pros versus cons. Also bear in mind I am a complete beginner to this and dont particulaly want to spring for a CO2 straight away.... I can always upgrade at a later date.

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    @PhotonPhil The 5.5W module is the most powerful diode, others may sell it as an 8W or even 12W pulsed but they are all the same 6W diode. It's the same with the "40W" CO2 tubes, these are really 35W but some sellers call them 50W.

    CO2 won't engrave metal, the diode may, but you really want a fiber laser (Nd:Yb or YAG would be ideal).

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    @PhotonPhil to answer the question that was lost. Yes the eleksmaker 5 watt is plug and play. If you order from gearbest or banggood you may have to do some wiring

  • @nottingham82 thanks for that... I think however that given the price versus performance I am leaning towards the 2.5w until I gain a bit more experience with the machine and software... and I will be avoiding banggood like the plague given the feedback I have seen! They seem just as bad as the Chinese seller I had on eBay.
    @Zax ... hadnt realised the CO2 wouldnt do metal so thanks for the heads up... and just scared the bejesus out of myself looking at the price of the fibre lasers! lol... pretty sure I would be on the way for a divorce if I purchased one of them!!

    Anyways... thanks for all the input ... it has been most illuminating and has definitely helped me make the choice so for now I will order the 2.5W module and grab Zax's trial software initially and watch this space for my first burn!!

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