EleksCAM does not connect COM port

  • Hi everyone, I just buy at BG a set of A5 from Eleksmaker. Unfortunately I only realized that I had purchased the kit without the cannon laser after it had already closed the deal.
    So I decided to buy a laser module from 15w, after a month I received the handset, tested and ran direct on the 12v source. The problem now is I can't make the EleksCAM software connect with the machine.The system does not find the port (with 9) to connect, can anyone help me with this???? It's probably something basic, but I'm not getting any progress.

  • @famfilho I had similar problem. Read this topic It may help you to solve the problem

  • @Maxim-A
    Hi Maxim-A I make a review in my data and the problem no more exist!!
    Thank you very much.

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