Inner workings of Laser Module

  • Hi, I wonder if it is possible for you to disclose some more information about the operation blocks for your laser module. Schematics would be nice but I understand if you want to keep them.

    One thing that I am curious about is on my 2500mW module I have not yet seen the fan spin. Is is temperature controlled and what are the limits? I would really like to know how it is supposed to work so I dont damage the laser due to faulty fan or pcb.

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    @Daniel-Wedlund If it's the newer 3-wire TTL module - you have a faulty fan!

    The fan on the older 2 wire non-TTL (also called a PWM module although both operate on PWM so that's not technically accurate) may not come on if running the laser at less than 50% power but at that level it doesn't really need to as the heat sink alone is enough.

  • @Zax I see, the module I have is the three pin version, do you know when/if that fan starts?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Daniel-Wedlund In my experience it should be on continuously, as soon as power is turned on. You may try to spin it and see if it works, perhaps it is jammed.

  • @Daniel-Wedlund
    I have the 3-wire fan. Yellow gets 12V as soon as the 12V supply is switched on (button in) and runs the fan. Red wire is PWM to the laser. M3 S1000 sets full 5V to laser, M5 turns it off. Lower S numbers reduce the power level of the laser.

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