Controlling the 5.5W V2 Laser module

  • Sorry if someone has already asked this question.

    I purchased the A3 pro Engraving machine, and the Eleksmaker 5500mW V2 Laser module.

    The Laser module only has a separate supply input, and a high/low intensity switch. No other connectors.

    So there is no way of turning the laser on and of, or to adjust the power.

    I had a closer look at the module board, and I see an unused TTL input.
    0_1502358455607_Laser Module.jpg

    I am hoping that if I use a pull up resistor to this input and connect - and signal (not power) to the Laser controller board I can use it as it should.with the benbox or T2 Laser software.

    Am I correct in my assumptions?

  • Also just want to check. was I sent the correct laser in the first place?
    I see other users have a 5.5W module with TTL connector and 2 buttons on it.

    My module also does not fit into the quick change bracket on the engraver, so I will need to bolt it directly to the backplate.


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    @TheClown You didn't say where you purchased, but it looks like an older laser module. The current ones from EleksMaker have a blue aluminum heat sink, check their store.

    It should be possible to use the TTL function on this laser, as that's going to be the only way to control it. I wouldn't trust the MOSFET (motor) output for a 5.5W module, it will likely overheat and fail.

    Instead of using a resistor, connect 2 wires from the Mana SE board to the laser module, use the S-pin to the TTL input and also connect the - pin to the ground on the laser. Then power the laser directly from it's own supply but see if switching works.

  • @Zax Thank you for the quick reply.

    I just received my Engraver and Module from Banggood today, they must have shipped me the old version?

    I was planning to do exactly like you said, but with the addition of a 2.2K resistor to hold the TTL line high so the laser switches off. Do you think the Mana has that resistor built in? then I wont need it.

    Heres hoping that the plan works!

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    @TheClown It sounds like you have a plan and know what you're doing, so feel free to ignore me.

    Are you saying your module requires a TTL high signal for off?

    That would be a very poor design.

    So how are you going to control the laser on/off?

  • @Zax No No please dont misinterpret my intentions.

    I am sure you know 100% better than me about these things. I was only asking. Wouldn't think of ignoring you.

    From reading various other posts on THIS forum I understood that the laser OFF is controlled by the TTL going high, or laser power determined by the TTL pulse train. I am quite possibly wrong, or they were talking about a different model perhaps.

    I just assumed that somewhere there has to be a pull up or grounded resistor to keep the TTL line from floating.

    I will try it tomorrow exactly as you said.

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    @TheClown The "Nano" microprocessor will set the D11 signal high or low as required, that is what controls the laser using TTL (either directly or via the MOSFET).

    The only reason to add a pull down resistor (typically, but if your machine works backwards a pull up) is to prevent the laser coming on when the Nano isn't sending either request - aka it has a floating input.

    If your laser gets it's power from a separate power supply (it should) then you would likely need to connect the Mana SE signal pin (S) to the TTL input and then the - pin on the laser connector to your laser's ground. I am not sure if the firmware can be set to use opposite logic, probably but I have never needed to do that. Good luck!

  • @Zax Thanx and understood. Will connect it today and let you know.

    I find it funny that Eleksmaker supplied that Laser module with the engraver if there is no way to control it. At least i have an electronics background, but not everyone will be able to figure this out.

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    @TheClown I'm not sure that's the case, banggood appear to be adding their own sourced laser modules to these kits and certainly on their site they label many as EleksMaker that are not.

  • @Zax That would be REALLY bad if this were the case.

    this is the box my module was shipped in. 0_1502527759413_eleks box.jpg

    Perhaps one of the hardware devs can shed some light here?

    In any case , I have connected the TTL and - lines, but the Mana is not controlling the Laser at all. I will experiment with it today to see if it is +TTL or -TTL, and take it from there.


    The problem was that the plug from the Mana to the Laser head was wired incorrectly. The ~ and + were swopped!

    Managed to do my first cut today, everything working 100% with help from a very knowledgeable friend.

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    @TheClown sounds like you owe the friend a cold beer

  • @nottingham82 Done and dusted!

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