Eleks A3 pro 2500mw issues (2) Im NEW

  • Hello and sorry that I am new and there is a topic similar to mine

    My laser is always on, unless you turn the attenuator on.
    For all they have talked about, the board is burned ?? Because the laser work ok , the problem is that it ignores the pwm pulses.
    my board is SW-LD45 V3 too

    Thank you very much if anyone can help me

    greetings from Argentina
    Sorry for my english

  • EleksMaker Customer Service

    If you are using BenBox, you can try to change the data as attached photo. 0_1489026700339_HTB1xr3EPpXXXXboaXXX760XFXXXH.png

  • i will try!!! thanks a lot

  • Hello I bought EleksMaker A3 pro 2500mw from banggood. The problem is the laser is always on.even the gap he laser.

  • What is the difference between 11 and 12? What is the real function?

  • Hi,
    The whole system is controlled by an ARDUINO Nano microcontroller. The number you state in the LASER field connect the relevant Arduino pin with the Laser. The earlier GRBL versions connected the motor output (this is the laser output too) with pin D12. The newer GRBL versions (>v0.9j) use Pin D11 for that purpose.

  • That information for me was good, but my laser intensity give always the same results.
    I received yesterday my machine and the laser is 2.5w and a friend have one 1.6w and the him laser is too strong more than mine laser.

    Even if I use 3 times slow the laser can´t to cut a cardboard and that 1.6W of my friend cut easier and fast.

    Somebody nkows what is happen?

    Thank you

  • I don't mentioned that the laser got a circuit board on the top with a button. The machine come without any technical information.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    The button forces a low power mode (to help focusing), make sure it's not pressed. You don't need it as you can control power from the software.

  • Thks Zak..and if about my first question?
    Do you know what happen?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Make sure it is focused to the smallest spot size and that you don't have the button pressed and it should function correctly.

  • No no.. is not that. Really the power laser don´t change. How I said the other 1.6W works well and I did the same process and the laser power don´t change. Always the same.


  • Or better saing... the machine 1.6w of my friend is stronger that mine with 2.5w

    I´m using Benbox because I not found tutorial about EleksMaster Software.
    They make machines but left the buyers with a shit support.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Benbox is pretty terrible, that's why I wrote T2Laser.

  • @Horst-Zubrod Thanks Horst. Perfect explanation.


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