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  • Well folks I finally took possession of my new laser module from Eleksmaker this morning so I am hoping that by this afternoon I will have singed my first bit of wood! On the subject of postage for the laser although it came quite quickly (just over a week) I also incurred £23 of import duty so just be aware that this is an issue. That being said if the laser finally works then I really dont mind too much.

    Anyway... the real reason I came on here is I am after @Zax your T2 software is it?...I forgot where to get it... I have stripped that benbox rubbish off and also removed the eleksmaker software and once I have had a go with your trial version will be looking to purchase as to be fair I have heard nothing but good about it! Please can you let me know where I can get the trial version please?

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    @PhotonPhil Thank you for your interest.

    You can get it from my secure server:

    or from one of the download sites:

  • yep... snagged it.... now... I have managed to do a Grid and I even tinkered with a basic shape but it would only do the first quarter of it... I assume this is because it is limited in the trial version? Also I am having a little difficulty in setting where the laser starts from... anyone point me to a good tutorial?

    Thanks guys

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    This post is deleted!

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    and if I'm not immediately available for support there's a large group of fantastic users to help you!

    To set home you can right click on the house icon, or from the Machine menu select "Set Origin (Workpiece )".

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