burn baby burn!

  • Well, I can at last officialy confirm that I have lost my engraving cherry!

    I did a couple of pictures onto some ordinary corrugated cardboard just to see how it went. The judge dredd looks great but in reality it actually burnt through the top layer giving it an almost 3d look! So I dropped the laser power to 50% and did the bear which was absolutely spot on! Then to really test it I did a piece of geiger art to see how well it dealth with shade gradation and I have to say that apart from maybe wanting the laser 10% more powerful perhaps it really did come out nice... I would be happy to produce it as a finished item on wood.0_1502738180550_P1110881.JPG


    And I have to say that ZAX's T2 software is the schiznitz! I produced these images after 30 minutes practice with his software... now that is user friendly...props to you Zax!

  • Oh... and yes I know that they are a bit pixely but thats because I deliberately used a small sixe to get an idea of the precision... the geiger piece is only 7cm high by 5 wide so I was fairly impressed.

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    and if you think of something you wanted added to t2 zax almost never says no. He usually says "let me think how to do it and i'll add it to the next update"

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    Thanks for the endorsement PhotonPhil, it's really appreciated.

    Nice results on cardboard, well done.

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