drawing at 45degree angle and now an error "still work in running"

  • Hey,

    Just finished my build. Took most of the advice I have seen on the forum used the t2laser video and a build guide.

    1st issue

    MY first 2 prints are at a 45-degree angle. Also when I manually move it with x or y it moves at a 45-degree angle?

    2nd issue

    I tried to stop it mid print but it kept going so I turned it off. Now when I rebooted my computer and jump into elekscam I can see the elekesdraw but if I try and do anything I get "still Work In Running" error. Any thoughts?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @belofort You mention using T2Laser but then talk about EleksCAM so I'm a little confused. If you followed my build guide the last page would have set the machine correctly but if you then use EleksCAM you need to follow whatever instructions they provide to set it for their software.

  • @belofort hey just got one and im having the same issue , how did you get it right?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @nandalek It's because your firmware is set for Cartesian and it needs to be changed to CoreXY, as I said this is a menu click in T2Laser but I have no idea if you are using other software.

    The laser max should also be limited to prevent the servo getting over-driven and stripping it's plastic gears, this is done automatically by T2Laser but you probably have to manually set it for other software.

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