EleksLaser-A3 Pro on round objects

  • Can the EleksLaser-A3 Pro work with a 4th axis to spin round objects as it engraves?

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    yes and no. It cant directly control a 3rd axis (there are is only an x and y on an elekspro so around would make 3). The reason is because the board can only control 2 axis motion. It can be replaced with the eleks mana 3 axis board. However if all you want is to engrave a round object you only need x or y axis motion. So if you disconnect either the x or y and plug in a rotational axis, you could engrave on a round object. There are no cheap rotary axis on the market for these machines though. Here is what I am talking about.

    Notice the laser only moves in one axis and the rotary moves in the second axis. This rotary axis was 3d printed and isnt commercially available.
    Youtube Video

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