CORE XY System

  • Hello there!

    People, can anyone say me if MANA SE can work with a CORE XY system?

    0_1503684963971_2017-08-25 15_15_51-core xy cnc - Pesquisa Google.png

    The Core XY System use only 2 motors and dont have problem with cables and the risk to burn it.

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    @ianobre The Mana SE uses a Nano that runs Grbl firmware. Grbl supports CoreXY, so the answer is YES!

  • @Zax said in CORE XY System:


    Thanks @Zax

  • @Zax But, with original firmware is possible to change for this type of machine?


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    @ianobre What do you mean "original firmware"?

    The firmware is Grbl, you would need to edit and compile for your machine since it's not an EleksMaker system. Download it from github and change the settings and then compile using Arduino IDE - the problem is getting it to fit. CoreXY requires more memory so other things need to be disabled / removed.

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    yes the original firmware support core XY , you can find more detail here to switch mode

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