Mana SE with 1w Laser at 5v

  • Hi there.

    Any suggesting to use this laser module with mana se?

    0_1504098568644_2017-08-30 10_05_46-Novos acessórios da máquina de gravura do CNC 1000 mw Módulo Laser de diodo lase.png

    I'm did burned one when i plug directly in 12v of board, after this i see the description of 5v :-(

    0_1504098575795_2017-08-30 10_06_10-New CNC engraving machine accessories 1000mw laser diode laser tube Laser Module.png

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    @ianobre It's just a diode in a lens holder, you need a constant current driver. A simple LM317 circuit would work, or you can get a dedicated driver.

    This is way overkill for such a small diode but you get the idea:

  • @Zax a simple step down circuit can work too, right?

    0_1504102808095_2017-08-30 11_19_52-3Pcs Geekcreit® 5A XL4005 DC-DC Adjustable Step Down Module Power Supply Convert.png

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    @ianobre Short answer: No. Use a current limiting circuit.

    Diodes, whether LED's or laser diodes are low resistance so they need to be current limited. You could add a series resistor but as the diode heats up it's resistance drops so you get more current, and thus more heat, this lowers the resistance more... and you get what is called a waterfall or runaway until the diode fails. A single resistor will work but you won't get a stable or maximum output.

  • @Zax very clear, thanks.

    Banggood is out of stock. This version can work Zax?

    0_1504124233741_2017-08-30 17_16_29-532nm 650nm 780nm 808nm 980nm Laser Diode LD Drive Driver de Corrente Ajustável .png

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    @ianobre I can't find that one to look at the specs, but it should be ok.

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