Help me with which model to buy

  • Hey guys,

    I am looking at the EleksLaser-A3Pro on Banggood and I would like to know if that laser module is able to fire at 405 nm. I am looking to engrave very delicate items so I am hoping that I might be able to adjust the power of the laser.

    If it does not not fire 405nm would I be able to just buy something like the EleksMaker LA03-300 405nm 300W and swap out the heads?


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    @suomaf 405nm is the wavelength, so I'm not sure what you are asking.

  • I think you are asking about the power of the laser, which is measuered in Watts (or W for short). Power is not related to the wavelength (405nm), all Eleksmaker lasers are 405nm I think.

    The A3Pro seems to be available with several different power lasers, each being more expensive. The most common is 2.5W. I don't think you can get 300W, maybe you meant 300mW (0.3W)?

    You can control the power of the laser easily, so you should buy the highest power one you can afford. It's like a car - if you buy one with a large engine, you can drive slowly when you like but if you ever need to go fast, you can.

    You can also buy another laser if you need a more powerful one in the future, and swap it for the one you have. You can see these on Banggood.

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    @foxylad said in Help me with which model to buy:

    It's like a car - if you buy one with a large engine, you can drive slowly when you like but if you ever need to go fast, you can.

    Only if you have a PWM enabled foot, otherwise it's all or nothing ;)

  • @Zax True. I'm pretty sure the standard 2.5W laser has PWM (so is controllable), do you know what other laser heads have PWM?

  • I clicked buy on the EleksMarker ElksLaser A3 Pro 500mW. This seems to come with the violet laser. That one is with the 405nm, i think. The higher mW ones like the 2500 and 5000 seems to be blue lasers and they start at 445nm to 450nm.

    With regards to power, I really do not need it to be too high, it would almost be engraving on an sheet of paper.

    I hope that I have gotten the right one. I am guessing that the 500mW also comes with PWM?

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    @suomaf If you buy from EleksMaker store yes, they are all TTL (so can be controlled by PWM) but Banggood states clearly on their site that you may get old 2 wire or new 3 wire and they don't guarantee which, so basically you may get a real Eleks laser or some clone they purchased.

  • Thanks @Zax I tried to buy it from the official website but I got redirected from the official site to Banggood. So fingers crossed. How would I tell if it is the PWM or not? Just the wiring on the laser module? 2 wires or 3? If I receive the 2 wire version, does that mean I can buy a module to change it out? As in would I be able to just buy this and I would get 405nm and TTL?

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    @suomaf The laser modules are interchangeable so yes you could replace it, they all use a 405nm diode. 3 wire = TTL/PWM and 2 wire = PWM.

  • @Zax Thank you sir. I will wait to receive and then if it is not 3 wires then buy the modules. Another quick question would it be possible to modify the entire system to be larger than A3, say perhaps 1 meter by 1 meter?

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    @suomaf Yes, it is not difficult to extend the machine. You can buy the V-slot extrusions (frame pieces) and belts, may need to extend wires also.

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