Upgrade of the laser module

  • Hi. I am currently using the 2.5w laser but it's not enough for me. As I see, the most powerful "official" is 5.5w but that wouldnt be enough either, are there like 8-10w lasers that would be compatible with my A3 pro And also reasonably priced? A better power supply would be a must, but what about the board ? Tkanks in advance

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    @LukaszL The 8-10W or even 12W are only the same 6W diodes just being over driven so either pulsed rating or very poor lifetime. EleksMaker are realistic in their specifications so the 5.5W is actual output not some made up power like many of their competitors.

  • @Zax
    Ok so then I'll probably end up buying the 5.5w. I guess the "real" quite powerful lasers are far more expensive?

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    If you need more power look at a "40W" CO2, which is really a 32 to 35W.

  • @Zax
    Hmmm, that's really interesting, are you talking about the "blue box" ones that can be bought for 400$ in China? Have you had any experiences with them if yes, could you describe the "quallity" (honestly I only expect it to be just ok), the lifetime of the laser and maybe how exact it is in terms of cutting? I think I'd have to make like 3 or 4 passes at 100feed rate using the 5.5w laser and good quality 3mm plywood, but as I can see the "40w" does that at much higher feed rate in just one pass, that would be great but who knows what are those 400$ machines like :D
    Thanks yet again :)

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    @LukaszL Yes, the ones commonly called K40 lasers. I've had one for many years (8+) and it is still using the original tube.

    If you have a good cooling system and eliminate ALL air bubbles these are reliable systems. I don't use more than 80% power to maximize life time but it will easily cut 3 mm ply (I use air assist and have a raised table). I replaced the driver board with an Eleks L6 and use T2Laser but there are easier alternative hardware upgrades available now.

    Jump over to benboxlaser.us for further discussion as this forum is for EleksMaker products only.

  • @LukaszL middle of the road quality most ship from so and kentucky but check to be sure can be found on amazon as well, I have 2 that I run on 3 different controllers 1 stock, 1 bounces between an arduino mega w/ramps 1.4 shield running on marlin kimbra k40 or GRBL for the mega and CO 3D board running LPC GRBL or their marlin/smootieware fork. Also upgraded tube and power supply to 75W added water chiller and safety locks. nice machines with a little TLC. 0_1505026783703_lynn & son.jpg

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    @DrZ1968 said in Upgrade of the laser module:


    If you run smootieware in Grbl mode you can use T2Laser, that would allow you to do grey scale (Velocity Mode). Multi-pass cutting with cool down and a lot more.

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