Use of elekslaser a eleksdraw in the same computer.

  • Hi.

    I had the elekslaser working in a computer, I use with elekscam and inkscape and get good result for the moment, except for engraving pictures that I have to work more on that thing.

    I bought the eleksdraw too and want to know if I could install both machines at the same time in the same computer runing windows 10.

    And if I'll install them, could I use elekscam with both machines without lots of changes?
    Depending of the port could I use a machine or another? Must do something more?

    It's better to use one program with laser and other with draw?

    Thanks to all, this forum helps me a lot with the laser machine


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @lunalo Yes you can, I often run multiple machines from one computer.

    In my case I run multiple instances of T2Laser but I am sure you could use whatever software you choose.

  • Ok thanks.
    I'll try to conect both machines.

  • Active Member

    @Zax I do the same thing! just gotta remember which port is which!

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